Valentine’s Day Let You Down? Bothell’s Herbal Nation Has Solutions!

OK, Valentine’s Day is over. So skip the teddy bears, dump those cheap waxy chocolates, and save any unused cards for grandma’s birthday. This is the time to give yourself the gift that keeps on giving — a sweet high from Herbal Nation Bothell. So here are some inspiring strains, treats, and treatments and to help you brush off that stupid greeting-card-invented holiday.

Berry White
If you’re libido is immune to Berry White, you might want to check your pulse. Nothing says I want to lay you down and smoke this joint by the fire like Barry White By Leaf Werx an Indica with 21% THC this Blueberry X White Widow brings an upbeat mood with creativity. With a sour pine scent and similar flavor $10-1 gram | $30- 3.5 gram

Cinderella 99
We can’t guarantee it will be love at first sight, but it’s slightly more likely one of you might lose a shoe when smoking this 60% Sativa by Cyclops with 21% THC. A descendant of Jack Herer, Cindy 99 is best known for her potent cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and epic yields. The effects are usually described as dreamy, euphoric, and uplifting. A sweet citrus and earth aroma. $11-1 gram | $38- 3.5 gram

CBD 4.20 Bar Minis
Maybe your baby loves chocolate, so why not give them the most potent and delicious variety possible. You’re sure to receive many sweet thanks for a Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate bar by Evergreen Herbal | 1:1 Ratio || 100mg $45

Body Buzz Bath Salts
It nevers hurts to help get both your mind and body in the mood with these buzzy bath salts by Ethos. Prepare a love tub for two and get ready to luxuriate and medicate with 60mg THC and up to 40mg additional cannabinoids and a rich terpene profile. Add half of container to a hot bath. Bathe for at least 20 minutes. Use care when exiting bath as body may be quite relaxed. $25

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