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What Kind of Stoner is Your Significant Other?

Potheads in love: Is there anything more romantic? Some might think so, but we get you. We really get you. And finding just the right stoner soul mate can be critical to a couple’s romantic success. Have you ever dated someone who uses weed completely differently than you? You feel us, right? It can be annoying. At Bothell’s best pot shop, we’ve done a lot of thinking about weed and love. And we at Herbal Nation have a few ideas about what makes for the right pot-lover pairing. Can you identify your stoner sweetheart (or yourself) below?

Netflix & Chill

Does your significant other like to stare deeply into shows they’re binge watching? Does their snack stash look like a 10th grader’s dream pantry? If so, you’ve got an escapist stoner on your hands.

For quality time together on the couch, try this strain:

Mendo Breath, starts at $13/1g

Frosty buds that reek of vanilla and caramel. Best saved for the end of the day, as this strain can be a thumper sending you into heavy relaxation.


If your significant other likes to get high and go for a bike ride, climb a mountain or hit a hot yoga class – you’ve got an active stoner on your hands.

For quality time together living the YOLO lifestyle, try this strain:

White Elephant, starts at $15/1g

Well known for its huge buds, incredibly high THC content, and relieving effects while keeping you functional and more active than your average indica.

I Live to Create

For the super creative stoner – art, music, vibes, convo flow and the muse mean everything.

For quality time together making art or music, try this strain:

ACDC, starts at $9/1g

Bred for its effects on the body and mind (due to the high CBD content), this strain offers uplifting, happy, focused effects while providing relaxation and body relief.

Looking for more weed plus love inspiration? See the full menu at Herbal Nation for the best weed in Bothell.

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