Fun Nights in Bothell

Fun Nights in Bothell: McMenamins’ Anderson School

McMenamins’ Anderson School, is a marvel to behold, and will make for many fun nights in Bothell. Back when brothers’ Mike and Brian opened up their first pub in 1974, they probably had no way of knowing the grand empire they’d go on to create, unless they had a crystal ball.Fun Nights in Bothell

The Anderson School is part of six sprawling acres of magic. It was built in 1931 and was originally Bothell Junior High. Back in the day, the founding members of Heart actually did gigs here. You can read their Anderson School connection story here.

But today, the Anderson School has been converted to a hotel — and we should all be lucky enough to spend some time here. The hotel includes pubs, breweries, a swimming pool, a movie theater, numerous restaurants, lagoons, fire pits, and gardens. Seriously, features here pop up like whammies in a video game, and they’re all places you’ll want to get lost in, especially with your favorite companion.

To make things even better, stock up on supplies at Herbal Nation Bothell recreational weed before you head out. There’s so much original art and oddities to explore, that you’ll truly need all five senses to get the full benefit of a sleepover. And staying is a must, as it’s a super fun adult amusement park that has also has loads of intriguing art work, all of it by local artists who’ve been touched in by the place. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, with the full spectrum of colorful lighting and chandeliers to behold, it’s easy to find inspiration. Fun Nights in Bothell

And if you need a little extra help? Then there’s the North Shore Lagoon/Tiki Bar, where the Mai Tais never end.

You’ll want to huddle close together around the iron fire pits, which are a perfect spot to pass the hash pipe or a pre-roll from our Bothell pot shop before waxing eloquent or erupting in uncontrollable laughter. Have a sing-along and it’s like you’re camping. Except with toilets.

Another cool thing? McMenamins makes tons of environmentally-conscious and sustainable products.

So try out McMenamins hand-crafted beer, cider, coffee and spirits. Now, it goes without saying, pair up your treasures with the perfect strain from the Bothell weed store. Check out some fun and eclectic McMenamins goods here — they make great gifts.

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