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Your St. Patrick’s Day Weed Guide From Herbal Nation Bothell

Wow, has this year been rolling along quickly! It’s been rolling along so quickly, in fact, that it’s already March. And do you know what that means? It means that everyone’s favorite green-based holiday is upon us! No. No not that one, that’s next month. We’re talking about St. Patrick’s Day.

“Never fear, with Herbal Nation Bothell’s wide variety of flower, concentrates, pre-rolls and edibles, you’ll have plenty options to get your green on. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect pot o’ gold for St. Patrick’s Day.”

Let’s face it, there comes a point in your life when heading out to a bar on St. Patrick’s Day becomes a nightmare. Seriously, you’re surrounded by people who only go out and drink three times a year, dives charge $15 covers, and barely palatable green beer costs $8 a pop. So it’s understandable if the thought of going out and painting the town has you turning green with rage.

But never fear, as the friendly folks at Herbal Nation Bothell know the feeling all too well. That’s why we suggest skipping the public celebrations, and heading over to Bothell’s favorite purveyor of legal and recreational marijuana. With our wide variety of flower, concentrates, pre-rolls and edibles, you’ll have plenty options to get your green on. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right pot o’ gold for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day treat.

Perhaps you’re looking to get some mad munchies before you wolf down the traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal of corned beef and cabbage? As the simmering pot of salty beef slowly steams the day away in your slow cooker, sit back and relax with an appetizer of Dutch Treat from Green Acres, with 26-29% THC at just $12 a gram. Or perhaps you want to test the luck o’ the Irish — heaven help you — and join the crowds. Then make sure to stash a pre-rolled Chemdawg 91 G-Cone in your pocket. This 41.7% TCH hash-infused hybrid will make certain your entire evening is deeply, deeply chill.

Whatever you wind up doing for St. Patrick’s Day, you may wake up with a touch of the old Irish illness. In that case, one pull of Pitbull will alleviate what ails you. Trust us on this one.

So stop by Herbal Nation Bothell to gear up for however you wish to spend your St. Patrick’s Day. Just remember to stay safe, and stay stoned.

Herbal Nation Bothell Suggests: See Dying Laughing With These Strains

Have you ever wondered what goes through a comic’s mind while they’re standing out on stage, all alone in front of a cocktail-fueled mob hungry for entertainment? For the friendly folks at Herbal Nation Bothell, that would be a nightmare. We’d much rather chill out with a pizza from Garlic Jim’s or fish tacos from Aca Las Tortas. And you know, sell recreational marijuana in Bothell.

“That said, the Herbal Nation Bothell crew took a look at the trailer and agreed — we’re seeing it! So naturally, the discussion turned to what strains to smoke before the flick.”

Because no amount of imagining a crowd in it’s underwear is going to help with that nightmare. But for a stand up comic, it’s just another night at work. And Dying Laughing is a glimpse into the world of stand up comedy told by the industries brightest and best.

That said, the Herbal Nation Bothell crew took a look at the trailer and agreed — we’re seeing it! So naturally, the discussion turned to what strains to smoke before the flick.

Honestly? No list would be complete without Blue Dream. The body and mind seem to be equally uplifted to with a quality Blue Dream, which is why we find a good smoking Blue Dream to be the quintessential marijuana experience. It’s our go-to weed without a doubt. There is really nothing like unscrewing the cap of a fresh jar of Blue Dream and inhaling that delicious berry aroma as it escapes. It’s almost as good as smoking some!

And there’s also Purple Kush. It’s an indica favorite that delivers a full body euphoria perfect for chilling out for the show. Grab some on the way for a pre-flick pre-funk! Let the weed wise staff at Herbal Nation Bothell answer any indica inquires you might have, whether it be about Purple Kush, or some other potent bag of buds that might catch your eye. All you’ll need then is a tall, ice-cold carbonated beverage, and a mondo sized tub of hot buttery popcorn to be all set for a screening of Dying Laughing.

A sativa weighted hybrid Headband produces a smooth, creamy toke. The lemon tones are accented with a hint of diesel, which reveals it’s Sour Diesel parentage. Some users describe the “headband effect,” a sort of feeling of pressure around the crown of the head not unlike a headband. While some find this feeling unusual, others fire up a fat blunt of some Headband to go straight for this interesting effect, which reportedly increases focus and stress reduction.

To find out if Headband is for you, take a trip to Herbal Nation Bothell to buy a bag and give it a shot!

Valentine’s Day Let You Down? Bothell’s Herbal Nation Has Solutions!

OK, Valentine’s Day is over. So skip the teddy bears, dump those cheap waxy chocolates, and save any unused cards for grandma’s birthday. This is the time to give yourself the gift that keeps on giving — a sweet high from Herbal Nation Bothell. So here are some inspiring strains, treats, and treatments and to help you brush off that stupid greeting-card-invented holiday.

Berry White
If you’re libido is immune to Berry White, you might want to check your pulse. Nothing says I want to lay you down and smoke this joint by the fire like Barry White By Leaf Werx an Indica with 21% THC this Blueberry X White Widow brings an upbeat mood with creativity. With a sour pine scent and similar flavor $10-1 gram | $30- 3.5 gram

Cinderella 99
We can’t guarantee it will be love at first sight, but it’s slightly more likely one of you might lose a shoe when smoking this 60% Sativa by Cyclops with 21% THC. A descendant of Jack Herer, Cindy 99 is best known for her potent cerebral high, sweet fruity flavors, and epic yields. The effects are usually described as dreamy, euphoric, and uplifting. A sweet citrus and earth aroma. $11-1 gram | $38- 3.5 gram

CBD 4.20 Bar Minis
Maybe your baby loves chocolate, so why not give them the most potent and delicious variety possible. You’re sure to receive many sweet thanks for a Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate bar by Evergreen Herbal | 1:1 Ratio || 100mg $45

Body Buzz Bath Salts
It nevers hurts to help get both your mind and body in the mood with these buzzy bath salts by Ethos. Prepare a love tub for two and get ready to luxuriate and medicate with 60mg THC and up to 40mg additional cannabinoids and a rich terpene profile. Add half of container to a hot bath. Bathe for at least 20 minutes. Use care when exiting bath as body may be quite relaxed. $25

What Kind of Stoner is Your Significant Other?

Potheads in love: Is there anything more romantic? Some might think so, but we get you. We really get you. And finding just the right stoner soul mate can be critical to a couple’s romantic success. Have you ever dated someone who uses weed completely differently than you? You feel us, right? It can be annoying. At Bothell’s best pot shop, we’ve done a lot of thinking about weed and love. And we at Herbal Nation have a few ideas about what makes for the right pot-lover pairing. Can you identify your stoner sweetheart (or yourself) below?

Netflix & Chill

Does your significant other like to stare deeply into shows they’re binge watching? Does their snack stash look like a 10th grader’s dream pantry? If so, you’ve got an escapist stoner on your hands.

For quality time together on the couch, try this strain:

Mendo Breath, starts at $13/1g

Frosty buds that reek of vanilla and caramel. Best saved for the end of the day, as this strain can be a thumper sending you into heavy relaxation.


If your significant other likes to get high and go for a bike ride, climb a mountain or hit a hot yoga class – you’ve got an active stoner on your hands.

For quality time together living the YOLO lifestyle, try this strain:

White Elephant, starts at $15/1g

Well known for its huge buds, incredibly high THC content, and relieving effects while keeping you functional and more active than your average indica.

I Live to Create

For the super creative stoner – art, music, vibes, convo flow and the muse mean everything.

For quality time together making art or music, try this strain:

ACDC, starts at $9/1g

Bred for its effects on the body and mind (due to the high CBD content), this strain offers uplifting, happy, focused effects while providing relaxation and body relief.

Looking for more weed plus love inspiration? See the full menu at Herbal Nation for the best weed in Bothell.

Pot for Your Party: Weed for the Super Bowl

Football and weed go together like pizza and sex. Even when the pizza’s not great… well, you know the rest. And one thing football fans and the not-so-fanatical can agree on, is that packing a super bowl will make Super Bowl Sunday an extra fun day for everyone.

“Here are our top recommendations for packing a super bowl that’ll keep your game day spirits as high as your are. And if you’re more into the sport of snacking, these strains will help you power through!”

If you’re looking for a pot shop in Bothell, Herbal Nation has a huge selection of marijuana. From indica, sativa, and hybrid strains to pre-rolled joints and the best THC-infused edibles.

Here are our top recommendations for packing a super bowl that’ll keep your game day spirits as high as your are. And if you’re more into the sport of snacking, these strains will help you power through!

Tangerine Dream by Okanogan Gold
%70 Sativa, 19.8% THC
Starts at $8 for 1g

Uplifting and euphoric, this strain provides mental clarity while deeply relaxing muscles. This strain is perfect for keeping track of bad referee calls, without getting stressed.

Cheese by Medusa
70% Indica, 23% THC
Starts at $10 for 1g

Well-known for its relaxed, happy effects that gently ease you into a blissful state of mind – this strain is ideal for packing the bowl that will get you through a tense quarter.

Cherry Pie by Green Acres
70% Sativa, 26% THC, 0.1 CBD

This hybrid is perfect for those of you who just hit the Super Bowl parties for the game day spreads. It provides a relaxing body high with a focused and giggly cerebral high – so you’ll be having fun while keeping your snacking strategy strong.

Bothell’s best weed store also has killer daily specials, so swing by Herbal Nation on game day to check out more recommendations for the best marijuana in the Pacific Northwest. Pets welcome too!

Fun Nights in Bothell: McMenamins’ Anderson School

McMenamins’ Anderson School, is a marvel to behold, and will make for many fun nights in Bothell. Back when brothers’ Mike and Brian opened up their first pub in 1974, they probably had no way of knowing the grand empire they’d go on to create, unless they had a crystal ball.Fun Nights in Bothell

The Anderson School is part of six sprawling acres of magic. It was built in 1931 and was originally Bothell Junior High. Back in the day, the founding members of Heart actually did gigs here. You can read their Anderson School connection story here.

But today, the Anderson School has been converted to a hotel — and we should all be lucky enough to spend some time here. The hotel includes pubs, breweries, a swimming pool, a movie theater, numerous restaurants, lagoons, fire pits, and gardens. Seriously, features here pop up like whammies in a video game, and they’re all places you’ll want to get lost in, especially with your favorite companion.

To make things even better, stock up on supplies at Herbal Nation Bothell recreational weed before you head out. There’s so much original art and oddities to explore, that you’ll truly need all five senses to get the full benefit of a sleepover. And staying is a must, as it’s a super fun adult amusement park that has also has loads of intriguing art work, all of it by local artists who’ve been touched in by the place. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, with the full spectrum of colorful lighting and chandeliers to behold, it’s easy to find inspiration. Fun Nights in Bothell

And if you need a little extra help? Then there’s the North Shore Lagoon/Tiki Bar, where the Mai Tais never end.

You’ll want to huddle close together around the iron fire pits, which are a perfect spot to pass the hash pipe or a pre-roll from our Bothell pot shop before waxing eloquent or erupting in uncontrollable laughter. Have a sing-along and it’s like you’re camping. Except with toilets.

Another cool thing? McMenamins makes tons of environmentally-conscious and sustainable products.

So try out McMenamins hand-crafted beer, cider, coffee and spirits. Now, it goes without saying, pair up your treasures with the perfect strain from the Bothell weed store. Check out some fun and eclectic McMenamins goods here — they make great gifts.

Books, Coffee and Weed Near Bothell

Herbal Nation is your source for weed near Bothell, and as many a stoner can attest, coffee and weed are a match made in heaven. In fact, a coffee mug with a weed leaf on it could be Seattle’s international symbol. The only thing that enhances the beauty of a wake and bake is an amazing cup of coffee to go with it. Throw in a great book and you have the makings of the most blissful Sunday in bed you can imagine.

Herbal Nation Bothell has a full selection of everything from Flower to Topicals and Accessories, fulfilling whatever marijuana needs you have north of Seattle. But where are your best bets for the coffee and books?Weed Need Bothell

Third Place Books  17171 Bothell Way NE, Seattle, WA 98155
This is a store where you spend the entire day. Every book you could ever ask for lives under this roof. You can get a great cup of coffee while you browse. Grab a Cannastick Chapstick by Sweet Relief for only $5 for a discrete mellow high while you shop.

Top Pot Doughnuts Mill Creek 18001 Bothell Everett Highway, Bothell, WA 98012
Here the coffee comes in famous varietals like the El Presedente, a rich robust flavor this medium roast espresso blend. Of course, if you think you’re getting out of this place without doughnuts, you must already be high. Stop by Herbal Nation for some Real Sour, an indica-heavy hybrid with a 22% THC level for a reasonable $29 an eighth, that will have you licking the icing off your box.

Paradise Espresso 23816 Bothell Everett Highway, Bothell, WA 98021
Speaking of licking icing off your box,the foxy baristas at Paradise, not only make coffee half naked, they make great coffee half naked. Word is couples enjoy this place too, so make sure you don’t leave Herbal Nation without Bond Sensual Oil ($20, sample size) for the lady in your life who indulges bikini barista coffee runs.

5 Strains for Bothell’s Best Mexican Food

And here we are in January at the dead of winter. How to entertain ourselves till the earth thaws and the days get longer? Mariachis and tequila anyone? For sure, Mexican cuisine is a great way to spice things up. What’s not to love? We can get some exotic and sweat-inducing dishes along with mind-erasing cocktails, layers of cheese, and shredded, salty meats. This should help us out of the winter doldrums.

Oh yes, and of course, the pot pairings. Because you want your appetite to be on-point when you set out for your Mexican fiesta, you should get some hooch from Herbal Nation Bothell, the original recreational weed shop.

Donde es la peda?
Here are our top five Bothell Mexican restaurants and our best strain recommendations, courtesy of the one-and-only Bothell pot shop.

Viva Jalisco
This Mexican family restaurant is hailed for authentic Mexican dishes that are best washed down with a margarita or ice cold Mexican beer. Enchiladas, carnitas, fajitas, burritos and … fajita-burritos! Super Nachos, tortilla soup, taco salad, Ay Caramba! Lunch specials and combos. Located at 1715 228th SE Bothell Way. View the Viva Jalisco Menu here.5 Strains for Bothell’s Best Mexican Food

We recommend Blue Dream by Legends. With this sativa dominant strain–you’ll be sure to keep up your side of the conversation and be clear enough to be able to talk and eat at the same time. However, we can’t guarantee you’ll remember to always chew with your mouth closed though.

Three words: Bacon cheeseburger queso. Sold? Good. This month only, so get in there. Where? 22612-C Bothell Everett Highway. There’s also whole ingredients and fresh guacamole made daily, classic tacos and new and inventive Mexican dishes. The three-cheese nachos are piled with toppings and queso. The bomb. See the Qdoba Menu here.

We recommend Cookies n Cream by Gabriel. This Indica dominant strain will leave you languidly spacey but social. Don’t hit it too many times or you’ll be nodding off in your carnitas.

Aca Las Tortas 
Stop in at 22910 Bothell Everett Highway and get some pretty massive portions of huaraches, tacos, alambres, pambazos, flautas, and gorditas in a swanky setting buzzing with excitement over the fresh ingredients and cool laid-back vibe. No manches!

We recommend Super Lemon Haze by Legends. This sativa dominant strain will wake up your inner Chatty Cathy and keep the table talking, animated and truly in love with your crew. Keep the food coming.5 Strains for Bothell’s Best Mexican Food

Casa de Mama
Tucked away in the Country Village Center in Bothell is this top-notch family-run restaurant with homemade Mexican dishes. Everything is fresh-fresh-fresh and insanely tasty with quick service. The empanadas are cooked to perfection and generously loaded with potatoes, cheese and chicken, deep-fried to a golden crisp. Other noteworthy drinks: sangria and mojitos. Come for happy hour — the margaritas are fierce and fresh with mudded lime juice. Casa de Mama is so authentic, it has no website but you can call them for more info at 206-407-6821, and pop in at 23716 8th Ave in Bothell.

We recommend Boy Scout Cookies by Hang Roots. This Indica-dominant heady strain will make you wonder, “Who knew Mexican food could be so funny?” Don’t bug out—just roll with it. Then again, don’t suppress the giggles. Enjoy and repeat after us: “Estoy grifo!”

Pasion Tequila
We’re fans of anything with the word ‘tequila’ in it so it didn’t take much convincing for us to fall in love. Four-hour-long daily Happy Hours don’t hurt either (from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.). There’s a lunch and dinner menu of such outstanding dishes as: chimicanga, sopitos, tostadas, tamal, enchiladas, burritos, & more! Fun stuff on the dinner menu: spinach and crab dip, ceviche, a pretty decent selection of huevos dishes, Colorado Burrito, a “Super” burrito and more.

We recommend Hawaiian Diesel by Creekside. This Sativa hybrid is a blessing in social situations. Your happiness will be infectious but it’s best to share with the entire table!

Your New Year’s Detox: Healthy Living in Bothell

You’ve watched the ball drop, you drank and imbibed til you can’t see and now it’s 2017. So now what? Many people set big goals for the new year, many of them health-related.

Seriously, it’s never too late to make better choices, and here at Herbal Nation in Bothell, we are stocked with many feel-good opportunities. Cannabis isn’t just about smoking anymore. You can now vape, dab, eat and apply cannabis directly to the skin! It’s good for aches and pains, relaxation, discovering new ways of thinking, and it’s all waiting for you at Herbal Nation, your friendly Bothell pot shop. To aid you in your path to new health, here are a few local shops to check out.

Granola’s Natural Market15506 Main St N101, Bothell, WA 98012 Your New Year's Detox: Healthy Living in Bothell

Granola’s not only carries a wide variety of foods that nurture a healthy and natural lifestyle, but also carry many specialty foods for people with restrictive diets.





PCC Natural Markets22621 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98021Your New Year's Detox: Healthy Living in Bothell

PCC has a great selection of healthy foods and also offers many in-store events including cooking demonstrations. Getting healthy is a choice and PCC provides a smorgasbord of delicious options to keep you on the right track.




GNC13620 NE 175th St #106, Woodinville, WA 98072Your New Year's Detox: Healthy Living in Bothell

If whey protein makes you feel ripped, then you need to head to GNC. This chain store has a large variety of powders, supplements and tonics to keep your body vitamin-enriched. Along with other wellness goods such as soap and essential oils, GNC is a great place to go when attempting any health goal.



Regardless of where you purchase your juice cleanse, don’t forget that Herbal Nation has that other great supplement available for purchase. That’s right, cannabis! Recreational weed has been used for 100s of years to bring new insight to this thing called Life. Come visit us at Bothell’s best weed shop and discover the final puzzle piece to start 2017 on a high note.

Strains to Keep You Sane – Holidays with Herbal Nation

Bothell Weed - Herbal NationEveryone wants to wake up to a ton of presents under the Christmas tree. This is America after all, and that’s a total given.

That said? There are three little words which can inspire fear in the heart of even the most jolly elf: “Some assembly required.” Read more