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What Kind of Stoner is Your Significant Other?

Potheads in love: Is there anything more romantic? Some might think so, but we get you. We really get you. And finding just the right stoner soul mate can be critical to a couple’s romantic success. Have you ever dated someone who uses weed completely differently than you? You feel us, right? It can be […]

5 Strains for Bothell’s Best Mexican Food

And here we are in January at the dead of winter. How to entertain ourselves till the earth thaws and the days get longer? Mariachis and tequila anyone? For sure, Mexican cuisine is a great way to spice things up. What’s not to love? We can get some exotic and sweat-inducing dishes along with mind-erasing […]

Your New Year’s Detox: Healthy Living in Bothell

You’ve watched the ball drop, you drank and imbibed til you can’t see and now it’s 2017. So now what? Many people set big goals for the new year, many of them health-related. Seriously, it’s never too late to make better choices, and here at Herbal Nation in Bothell, we are stocked with many feel-good opportunities. […]