5 Strains for Bothell’s Best Mexican Food

5 Strains for Bothell’s Best Mexican Food

And here we are in January at the dead of winter. How to entertain ourselves till the earth thaws and the days get longer? Mariachis and tequila anyone? For sure, Mexican cuisine is a great way to spice things up. What’s not to love? We can get some exotic and sweat-inducing dishes along with mind-erasing cocktails, layers of cheese, and shredded, salty meats. This should help us out of the winter doldrums.

Oh yes, and of course, the pot pairings. Because you want your appetite to be on-point when you set out for your Mexican fiesta, you should get some hooch from Herbal Nation Bothell, the original recreational weed shop.

Donde es la peda?
Here are our top five Bothell Mexican restaurants and our best strain recommendations, courtesy of the one-and-only Bothell pot shop.

Viva Jalisco
This Mexican family restaurant is hailed for authentic Mexican dishes that are best washed down with a margarita or ice cold Mexican beer. Enchiladas, carnitas, fajitas, burritos and … fajita-burritos! Super Nachos, tortilla soup, taco salad, Ay Caramba! Lunch specials and combos. Located at 1715 228th SE Bothell Way. View the Viva Jalisco Menu here.5 Strains for Bothell’s Best Mexican Food

We recommend Blue Dream by Legends. With this sativa dominant strain–you’ll be sure to keep up your side of the conversation and be clear enough to be able to talk and eat at the same time. However, we can’t guarantee you’ll remember to always chew with your mouth closed though.

Three words: Bacon cheeseburger queso. Sold? Good. This month only, so get in there. Where? 22612-C Bothell Everett Highway. There’s also whole ingredients and fresh guacamole made daily, classic tacos and new and inventive Mexican dishes. The three-cheese nachos are piled with toppings and queso. The bomb. See the Qdoba Menu here.

We recommend Cookies n Cream by Gabriel. This Indica dominant strain will leave you languidly spacey but social. Don’t hit it too many times or you’ll be nodding off in your carnitas.

Aca Las Tortas 
Stop in at 22910 Bothell Everett Highway and get some pretty massive portions of huaraches, tacos, alambres, pambazos, flautas, and gorditas in a swanky setting buzzing with excitement over the fresh ingredients and cool laid-back vibe. No manches!

We recommend Super Lemon Haze by Legends. This sativa dominant strain will wake up your inner Chatty Cathy and keep the table talking, animated and truly in love with your crew. Keep the food coming.5 Strains for Bothell’s Best Mexican Food

Casa de Mama
Tucked away in the Country Village Center in Bothell is this top-notch family-run restaurant with homemade Mexican dishes. Everything is fresh-fresh-fresh and insanely tasty with quick service. The empanadas are cooked to perfection and generously loaded with potatoes, cheese and chicken, deep-fried to a golden crisp. Other noteworthy drinks: sangria and mojitos. Come for happy hour — the margaritas are fierce and fresh with mudded lime juice. Casa de Mama is so authentic, it has no website but you can call them for more info at 206-407-6821, and pop in at 23716 8th Ave in Bothell.

We recommend Boy Scout Cookies by Hang Roots. This Indica-dominant heady strain will make you wonder, “Who knew Mexican food could be so funny?” Don’t bug out—just roll with it. Then again, don’t suppress the giggles. Enjoy and repeat after us: “Estoy grifo!”

Pasion Tequila
We’re fans of anything with the word ‘tequila’ in it so it didn’t take much convincing for us to fall in love. Four-hour-long daily Happy Hours don’t hurt either (from 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.). There’s a lunch and dinner menu of such outstanding dishes as: chimicanga, sopitos, tostadas, tamal, enchiladas, burritos, & more! Fun stuff on the dinner menu: spinach and crab dip, ceviche, a pretty decent selection of huevos dishes, Colorado Burrito, a “Super” burrito and more.

We recommend Hawaiian Diesel by Creekside. This Sativa hybrid is a blessing in social situations. Your happiness will be infectious but it’s best to share with the entire table!

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